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How To Decorate Small Apartments

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How To Decorate Small Apartments

In general, most people feel that having a small apartment means that it would be relatively impossible for it to be decorated to their taste. However, aside from the benefits of low rent and proximity to social areas, having a small apartment can also give you the opportunity to blend your preferred style with the outlook of the apartment. When designing apartments you have to strike a balance between the amount of space available and the style you prefer.

To get the best decoration on your small apartment, you’ll need to fill up the apartment with your needs and personal choice of colors. In this article, I will be giving you some tips on how best to decorate your apartment and get the best quality out of the limited space you might have available.

  • Select a light colored palette

This comes into play when choosing the color for your apartment. When selecting the type of color to be used in decorating your apartment, always choose a light color. This is because unlike dark colors that tend to shrink a room by making it look smaller, light colors or shades have the tendency to up space in a room as can be viewed by the eye. So, when you select colors to use for the interior part of the apartment, choose light colors although you can add a little bit of dark shade. You should also select light colors when it comes to fixing your furniture. Doing these color selection will help to make your small apartment appear big and g.ive it that touch of beauty.

  • Store all household effects vertically

When giving thought to how best to make use of small apartment space, you should concentrate on vertical storage of items. To get space in your apartment, you should get storage items that are narrow and tall. You can place identical bookshelves that are vertically inclined on either side of a doorway to give it a built-in shelve look. Storing items vertically will help open up space to make decoration and put other items that will add spice to the apartment.

  • Regularly unclutter your apartment

When you stay in an apartment for an extended period of time, it is natural that you accumulate a lot of clutter. Overtime, this clutter becomes accumulated and might constitute a mess especially if it is in a small apartment. Therefore, make it a regular practice to go through your possessions and check out items that should be kept and those that should be disposed.

When this is done, you will then have enough space to add other effects that will improve the beauty of your apartment without necessarily causing overcrowding.

Other modern methods of decorating small apartments include:

The use of mirrors which enhances the size of a room as a result of reflection, use of floor coverings (rugs) in filling out ground space, using clear glass dining tables to create the illusion of space in the while giving it a nice touch.

Applying all these tips in decorating and arranging your small apartment will help  in making your small apartment more beautiful and spacious.

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