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How to Make Your Laundry Room Interesting and Useful

How to Make Your Laundry Room Interesting and Useful

A laundry room is probably the last place in the house which you would think of decorating or revamping. On the contrary, it is one of the most important places which need to be decorated and decoration here means more organization and rearrangement. The laundry room is where a lot of the dirt that is present in the house is gotten rid of. Apart from the kitchen, it is where a lot of the house work gets done. Thus, unless things are in place there, working will become difficult and for work that is already boring, it can make become annoying. Also, a little color and good looks never harmed anyone.

Find below a few tips which you might find useful in decorating your laundry room:

  • Those of you who don’t have an extra room for doing the laundry need not panic. Kitchen corners and hallways have served as laundry rooms for long. In fact, you can keep the washer below the counter and the counter can double up as for folding as well as serving the food.
  • It is always advisable to choose an airy and well-lit area for laundry. It makes the work seem less dull, stains can be better spotted and it is also good for the clothes to breathe.
  • For decoration, choose something which is in going with the rest of the house’s décor. However, you can add tiles since it helps in keeping the room cool and might come handy if you ever need to throw down some water and work.
  • Always keep the room clean and organized. Get rid of clutter and keep things in their designated places post usage – that way, you will want to work the next time you set in the room.
  • Find washers and dryers which are sleek.
  • Think of ways to utilize as much space as you can especially if you have a small laundry room or just a corner of the house. Make use of the door backs to hang clothes, keep the detergent, and hang your gloves or hangers.
  • If you have a slightly larger room at your disposal, then you can add a recliner or a comfortable chair and a television or a music player so that you can relax as the washing machine defeats dirt and gifts you some bright and clean clothes and upholstery.

You can try things like utility cabinets to keeps things organized and in one place so that nothing goes out of sight. Think of the series of work involved in doing laundry and ensure there is space for everything from sorting the clothes to folding the dry ones. Built-in iron boards are a great space saving and convenient idea which covers everything related to laundry in just one room. Also, remember to use durable and sustainable material when building the room. You will be using detergents and bleach – the countertops and floor should not get damaged. Ultimately, you are one who will be working in the room, so keep your comfort in mind.


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