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How To Use A Paint Spray Gun To Paint House

How To Use A Paint Spray Gun To Paint House

With the modern methods coming in, painting with a brush and paint-bucket is the thing of gone days. Also, you hanging with the wall with clothes gone yellow and green doesn’t give a very good feeling too. Time is to take smart steps and use sprayers. There are numerous spraying machines in the market, and picking one of them depends entirely on the kind of job you want to do using them. Here we will see using a Paint Spray Gun, that won’t just let you paint any sort of surface easily and quickly, but would save your clothes and surrounding furniture from being wrapped into bubble-wraps.

Before you start painting, ensure that you have your safety glasses, hand gloves, mask, pressure regulator, paint spray gun, paint, solvent, and a waste rug. If you have it all ready, let’s get started.

Steps to paint a surface with a paint-spray gun

  1. Clean the surface you want to paint. Make it smooth or wash the sand off the surface.
  2. If you wish to make it more even, use a primer in the spray gun to apply to the surface.
  3. Now, turn on the compressor or regulator. This is needed because one needs to have some air filled in before putting the machine on.
  4. Once you have checked the composition of the paint, and made it thin as required, fill it in the spray gun.
  5. Switch on the spray gun, and place it at one consistent angle facing the surface of the wall. If you keep changing the angles of the spray gun, the concentration of the paint over the wall would keep differing, leading to uneven look.
  6. Also, once you start spraying, the center would have thick paint, while the sides would have thin and airy look. To cover up the thin parts with paint, keep moving back and forth with a consistency to fill those spaces up. But, ensure that you don’t go back to same filled surfaces numerous times; else the consistency of the paint on the wall would suffer.
  7. Keep the gun at least 200-250mm away from the wall surface.
  8. Avoid rushing to paint in a hurry. Seeing paint coming out of the spray gun, you might be urged to quickly finish the job, but this might not be a good idea. Stay slow but steady, and keep a close eye at every inch of the wall while you move your spray gun back and forth in a 90-degree angle.
  9. While you paint the corners, follow the movement from outside to inside. This would save your paint from spreading unevenly.
  10. Try to avoid archaic movements and keep the painting straight. There might be places where you might have to change the straight movement to curves and rounds, but try not to do so, and follow just one movement from start till the end.
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