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Mid-Century Modern Style

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Mid-Century Modern Style

The mid-century modern design has been the talk of the town for a very long time now. Its endearing popularity does not appear to be getting to its conclusion yet. There are many factors that have contributed to this popularity however. The design of the mid-century décor makes use of clean lines, gentle geometric curves, and furniture designed with tapered legs to bring a sense of organization to traditional modern style.

The sense of organization provided by this design eliminates any form of clutter in the design which is very common in décor designs. It provides a blend of wood and tweed elements without necessarily taking away the beauty of the décor or furniture being used.

There are different factors and pieces that constitute a mid-century modern color décor. Some of these constituents are:

Mid-Century Modern Color Palette

If you want to redesign your Mid-century modern, imagine a sterile modern style and slowly add in pieces that are adorned in shades of pumpkin orange, avocado green, and mustard yellow. In choosing the color palette, select a grey color for the walls and also select brave colors that bring the intensity of the mid-century modern décor. However, when you leave your walls lighter, you tend to give yourself absolute freedom to try various styles with the mid-century furniture’s or accessories you have available.

Mid-Century Modern Style Elements             

One of the factors that have made the mid-century design popular is the fact that it successfully blended urban décor with materials that were gotten from natural sources.

Exposed wood, earth-tone palettes, and natural light are all key components. Pull in plants and chic terrariums to breathe life into any space.

Silk plants wood

The mid-century modern home is made up of different variety of materials. However, in all these materials, wood is the most prominent material. The wood might be either polished or elementary. Regardless of the type of wood however, there is always a sense of nature brought into the home when it is decorated using the mid-century modern décor.

Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

A Mid-Century Modern dining room boasts tapered legs, wooden furniture, geometric art, and a slim dining room table and chairs that allow for plenty of movement and easy mingling. You have the privilege of eating and getting entertained in a dining space that will give you a joyous feeling while displaying all the functions necessary in a modern dining room.

In a typical mid-century modern décor, there are various effects that can be used to accentuate the design to bring out its innate beauty. Some of these are:

  • Chandelier (Preferably the sputnik chandelier). This simple accessory gives the mid-century décor an amazing point of focus.
  • Beds Natural Light

You can give your Mid-Century Modern bedroom a very soft glow. You can achieve this effect through window treatments that allow natural light to seep into the bedroom. Having this natural light will give your bedroom a measure of natural cleanliness and relaxation.

In conclusion, the mid-century modern décor gives you an organized blend of natural components and urban décor.

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