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Most Popular Décor Styles

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Most Popular Décor Styles

Over the years, there have been various décor styles that have been created. Some of them have become trendy even till today while others were not so good and fell into oblivion. Latest technology has made it possible for us to have state of the art décor styles that are now being used in various buildings all over the world. In this article, I will be listing same of the most popular décor designs that are being used worldwide and give a brief description of these designs to enable choose the one that is best suited to preference.

The following décor designs are among the most popular designs used by design enthusiasts:


This design corresponds with the name its drawn form.  This design is one of the most popular decor design found today as the inspiration behind it was gotten from a warehouse. This décor design brings with it a sense of unfinished business when seen up close. In fact, there is rawness in the components which includes the exposed bricks, the exposed wood or the ductwork. This rawness however, gives it its unique design. The main materials used for this design are metals and wood. To make industrial design a little more unique, a touch of light color and neutral colors are added to the wood or metal to enhance its beauty.


This is another well-known décor design that is been used in modern time. The transitional décor design blends a mix of both the old and the new methods of décor design.  Its design is done in such a way that there is a balance between the old and the new which gives it a special appeal to all. For instance, glass and steel are considered to be modern when used in décor designs while plush furnishings are considered old. The transitional décor design brings about a mix between these items to form a not-too modern and not-too old design that leaves a beautiful touch. The coloring of transitional décor design is also worthy of mention. The coloring consists of neutral color palette which leaves you feeling relaxed and calm while at the same time giving you a feel of being in a stylish yet warm setting.


This is the most loved décor design. The Bohemian design gives you a feeling of total freedom. It is used not only as a home design but also as a fashion design.  This design is done based on how a person or an individual perceives the environment. It reflects a lifestyle where there are no rules. The Bohemian décor design may be done using regular vintage furniture and light effects. In fact, textiles from any part of the world as well as rugs, art works or items may be included in the design of the Bohemian. The Bohemian style is one which describes an individual’s outlook. As long as you love a particular way of designing your house, you simply do it. That’s what the Bohemian décor entails.

French Country, Rustic, Shabby Chic and Hollywood Glam are other décor designs that are making rounds today. As you choose these designs, remember to select those which you feel most comfortable in.

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