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Prevent Exterior Paint From Peeling

Prevent Exterior Paint From Peeling

The peeling of exterior paint is a persistent problem especially in the areas with high humidity. This not only makes the exterior look bad but also leads to problems in the future. For example, moulds develop inside the peeled paint portions on the walls during winters. There are many reasons which lead to peeling of paint. Identifying which one is causing it in your case is important to find out the right solution or else you might experience a relapse.

Reasons behind Paint Peeling from Exterior Walls

While high humidity and moisture is the top reason for peeling of exterior paint, there are a number of other factors leading to the same effect. Here are some of them:

  • If the exterior paint is peeling off from only certain areas of the house, you should check what is happening at the other end of the wall or inside it. For example, exterior walls of bathrooms often peel paint. This is because the moisture from the bathroom is not escaping properly and seeping into the wall.
  • The other reason might be a missing caulk.
  • Leakage in the roof and wall and old guttering systems which leak are also important factors.
  • Poor drainage systems often lead the walls to become moist thus asking the paint to come off.
  • Poor quality of paint is an often found reason.
  • Sometimes the paint is of a good quality but it is applied on an unprepared surface. Improper priming can lead to these effects.

How to Correct the Peeling Paint

The obvious step after identifying the cause is the correction of it. Each problem demands a separate solution. If it the wall outside your bathroom whose paint is coming off, then ensure that the moisture from the bathroom gets a proper outlet. If the windows are not in an awkward position, try to keep them open when you are taking a shower and leave them open once you’ve left for at least 10 to 15 minutes (though this is feasible only in certain weathers). Get the pipes checked to ensure there is no leakage taking place. Use the bathroom fan to help the water and moisture dry up post shower. Install a caulk if that is what is missing and change the guttering systems if that is the call you need to take.

To do the walls up nicely, you will first need to scrape off the peeling paint with a scraper. The next step is to sand the wall and follow it up with a coat of primer. This will provide a good base to the paint. Once it dries up, apply a coat of good quality exterior paint. Don’t try to save on this one lest you want to repeat the process a few months down the line.

Prevention is better than Cure

Choose a good primer and a high quality of paint. Don’t paint right after the rains or during humid weather. Take time to complete the work – let the primer dry before you apply a coat of paint and let it dry to apply a second one.

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